My Dogs

Peanut 2011?

Peanut is a rescue dog we found on injured on the side of the road in Miami.  That’s been a year ago, and she is healthy now, is house trained, and has excellent manners.  She recently passed her Therapy Dog Examination for Therapy Dogs, Inc.  While I am really fond of Peanut, I won’t stand in the way of her finding her special human.








 NAUTI  2013 –



Alex  2008 –
CD, BH, IPO 1 (Schutzhund) , Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dogs International, Narcotics Detection, Service Dog (Certified b y  K-9 Friends)


Kaos   1993 – 2007 “when she stumbled, I limped.”
Schutzhund 1, Companion Dog  Excellent, PT (herding), Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dogs International