19 Apr

Do you know how to read your dog? As we all either own a dog or know someone who does, we should all know the common signals that dogs give – especially the ones that show that they are stressed because if we keep pushing when they are stressed, this can lead to a bite. So here are some calming signals that dogs show that are important to know and easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for:

• Licking the lips (you’ll often see this in a dog being hugged)
• Yawning
• Looking away – diverting eyes to either side
• Wide eyes – sometimes referred to as, “whale eyes”
• Turning head to the side or turning his back on you
• Freezing in position
• Walking and moving very slowly
• Licking faces
• Lifting paws up and down

Of course, all of these signals need to be taking in context, but look out for them in any situation where your dog may be uncomfortable.


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