David & Jennifer


We want to thank you for training us and our two four-legged daughters Chloe and Hanna. You’ve taken our puppies and turned them into the best dogs ever! I was worried if they could be trained at 3 months. But, I watched as they went from little energizer bunnies into responsive and well mannered little energizer bunnies!

The real test was this past holiday, when we we entertained 14 people at our house for Christmas dinner. As the first guests arrived we started to get nervous, but then, we remembered our training as well as theirs, and with a few simple commands everyone was impressed and I was relieved. There was no jumping, no begging and complete control. We served dinner and ate, while Chloe and Hanna laid quietly in the living room. In just six weeks, you’ve allowed us to have the control we need to be able to take them with us anywhere, and you did this while making it fun for them (and us) to learn.

Thank you so much!!

David and Jeniffer