Bed & Biscuit Dog Boarding

True home-style dog boarding for your pet.

● Small scale and exclusive care (unlike most kennels)
● Clean and quiet home environment, just like your home!
● Overnight care included


Separation anxiety is real, and it affects not only pets, but their owners, too. So making the decision to board can be as difficult for you as it is for your pet. The bond between a pet and its owner is undeniably strong, and leaving a pet behind when going on a trip or when circumstances demand can be difficult.

Fortunately, if you live in Port Saint Lucie, you can rest assured that your pup will be in good hands with our residential dog boarding services.

At Family Dog Training, we love animals as much as you do, and we understand how important your dog is to you. So we provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for our four-legged guests.

“Close to home” experience for your Pet

When boarding your dog becomes necessary, we offer an experience as “close to home” as possible. Your pet will have access to all the creature comforts of home, including a spacious and comfortable sleeping quarters, well-balanced meals, and plenty of fresh cold water. We understand that each pet has its own personality, and we strive to ensure that their unique needs are met.

Personal Attention

At Family Dog Training, we don’t have rows of kennels; instead, we bring your pet right into our home to ensure that they receive the attention they deserve. We treat our boarding dogs like family, and take every step to make sure your furry friend is comfortable and happy during their stay.

Your pet will receive one-on-one attention, including cuddles and snuggles, toys, and treats that will be generously dispensed. Moreover, your dog will enjoy interactive play times and/or walks every day.

We Love Puppies

We also offer puppy boarding services for our youngest guests. We have extensive experience in providing the specialized care and attention to meet the unique needs of puppies, including extra playtime and socialization opportunities.

A Safe Environment

We take your pet’s safety seriously. Our spacious, shady yard is fully enclosed by a 6-foot privacy fence to ensure their safety. We also provide playgroups for social dogs to interact and play in a secure environment.

Schedule a Tour

We know how important it is for you to trust the people taking care of your pet. That’s why we invite you to schedule a tour of our facility. Call Cathy at 772-284-9011 to schedule your tour, and see for yourself the homely environment we offer to our furry guests.

Peace of Mind

At Family Dog Training, we recognize that boarding can be a challenging experience for both pet owners and pets. That’s why we strive to provide a personalized and comfortable experience for our furry guests. With a homely environment, individual attention, and a safe play area, we are confident that your pet will have a pleasant stay with us. So the next time you are planning a trip and need a top-quality dog boarding service in Port Saint Lucie, leave your furry friend with us and enjoy your time away with peace of mind.