z board & train program

Have you ever wondered why your dog seems so hard to train? Have you ever described your dog as “stubborn?”  Is she “too energetic” or “too distracted?” Does he come only if there isn’t something more interesting? Does he obey only if you show him a treat? Does your dog drag you down the street, bark and lunge at other people and other dogs? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, know that I can restore calm to your home through a well behaved dog.

The purpose of obedience training is not about teaching the dog to do tricks for treats, it’s about living with a well-mannered pet dog that you enjoy taking along wherever you go – coffee at the cafe and off leash at the beach. It’s about having a calm dog that watches for instructions, settles down on cue, walks politely on leash, waits at doors, and comes when called. 

Restore peace to your home through a well behaved dog.

Pet Etiquette gives you the fastest, most effective solutions to your dog training needs. And that is private dog training. Whether you’re wrangling a new puppy, an unruly adolescent, or learning that you can teach an old dog new tricks, our affordable, private dog training programs are for you.

We’ll come to your home and observe your dog in his natural, every day surroundings. Sessions include a combination of educational information, observation and assessment of your dog, discussion of animal behavior, behavior modification and training techniques as well as direct, hands on practice opportunities.

I teach a handful of core exercises where the dog learns that focusing on you and behaving politely are fun. Variations of the same exercises are added based on your needs. These core exercises and their variations can be used in many types of situations to keep your dog out of trouble and behaving well. Rather than approaching the problem of cat distractions, bike distractions, and other distractions like separate problems with completely different solutions, we teach solutions that can be used in many situations. This global approach allows you and your pet to improve incredibly fast and enjoy each others company.

Core Studies
  • Sit/Stay 
  • Down/Stay 
  • Come
  • Walks on a loose leash 
  • Leave it
  • Place
Life Skills
  • Meets people without jumping
  • Sits for petting 
  • While on leash, no lunging at other dogs, people, cars, bikes, joggers, etc. 
  • No counter surfing
  • No begging at the table
  • No mouthing
  • No destructive behaviors when supervised
  • Enters crate willingly
  • Accepts collar and leash without a fuss 
  • Allows handling of ears, feet, muzzle, and tail 
  • Allows simple grooming 
  • Allows toys to be taken away with out a fuss
  • Sits until released after food bowl is placed on the ground
  • Gets off furniture when asked or gently guided
  • Stops playing with others when asked or gently guided
  • Takes treats gently
  • Calm during sweeping, vacuuming, and other normal activities
  • Sits while the door is opened/closed if told to stay

Most people are surprised at how relatively little time it takes to teach their pets basic commands, and what a fun and rewarding experience dog training can be.

Choose from convenient private lessons or our even easier board & train program. No matter what the problem, dog training will only make it better, and our training is guaranteed. Our methods are distinctly motivational and highly effective. Why Wait? Call Cathy at 772-284-9011 for a short phone consultation and find out how Pet Etiquette can turn your problem pooch into a proper pet.