My Promise To You

Dog Training With A Guarantee!

That’s right!  I guarantee that I can train your dog and that my training will meet your needs and your dog’s needs.

Many dog owners I speak to have already gone through training programs with their dog and still need help getting the dog to listen or stop some unwanted behavior.  It’s unusual to find a dog trainer who can GUARANTEE that their training will work.

What makes Family Dog Training different and how I they guarantee my training when others can’t?  

● I am not just a dog trainer. I understand the way dogs think and why they behave the way they do. I am able to teach them to behave in ways so the dog understands what you want. This way, we can resolve behavior problems at their root cause.

● I teach YOU and the dog. There are two ends of the leash, and training the dog is only part of what we do. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to train and modify your dog’s behavior. And you’ll learn how to effectively communicate clear rules in a way the dog can understand. The goal is to create a happy home environment where it’s easy to get good behavior from your pet.

● I teach obedience, not just commands. Maybe you’ve done some training or have taken a class. But just knowing the commands doesn’t mean your dog will listen reliably, especially around distractions. My methods will have your dog happily listening to every command, even around distractions, and you don’t need to be a skilled trainer yourself. That’s what I’m for!

● My experience. I have been training dogs since 1989.  I am certified by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, a Doggone Safe Presenter, and AKC Canine Good Citizen and Puppy S.T.A.R. Evaluator.  I’ve learned from some of the best trainers from  America,  Belgium, Germany, and South Africa.

I have used or seen used just about every training method out there and I know what works and what doesn’t work. And I know that what works for one dog may not work for YOUR dog.  Dog training is not about systems or processes. One size does not fit all.  I can offer limitless options because I know your dog can be trained.

● This is all I do. This is my every day, all day life. I am not a groomer or a boarding kennel that wants a little extra cash. I am not moonlighting or a fly-by-night dog trainer (there are a lot of them, unfortunately). I spend a great deal of time and energy developing and perfecting my techniques and feel that I am “gifted” in the area of dog training. I truly love my profession and clients have told me that it shows.

● I like people, too! Family Dog Training is family friendly, fun, flexible, and easy to get along with. Most of all, I enjoy helping people and their pets live happier lives.

Family Dog Training’s Guarantee Means 3 Things:

● When you and your dog enroll in an obedience class, I make a lifetime commitment to your desire that he become an enjoyable pet.  Within the confines of the class setting, I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to achieve this, provided that you practice with your dog everyday.

● You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the training methods and programs work and your dog can be trained.

● You receive unlimited lessons to get your dog trained the way you want. All of the programs include a certain number of lessons as a MINIMUM.  So if it takes more lessons to train your dog and your family, there is no extra charge.