Katie F

Both my husband have had many dogs between us and I’ve been successful training my past pups. Enter Zeus, our latest Doberman addition to the family. We brought Zeus home at 2 months old and he was and is a love. However, from effective potty training to manners (jumping, puppy nipping/mouthing my 4 year old while running around with her, bulldozing over) my training just was not working after nearly 2 months. My husband and I have had Dobermans and knew their reputation (and loving demeanor) but Zeus was quite the challenge!

Our vet referred us to Cathy. When I called Cathy, I remember saying to her “Zeus is either stubborn or was dropped on his head a few times before we got him”… Listen I love dogs and Zeus but I was frazzled. Also, it has to be the dog, it’s never the owner, right LOL.

Prior to committing, Cathy offered to come by first to meet us, evaluate Zeus’s crate, what we were doing, etc. At first, I thought she was “too soft” on him & thought one needed be more commanding as Alpha. However, just one technique she showed me with the crate by the time she left, showed me how effective she could be in a short time. Especially as it was the only time my 4 month old pup locked eyes on me for permission without a treat!

We planned 6 sessions and within a week changed that to 3 week “boot camp” where he stayed with Cathy. Primarily as my husband had a job offer and we needed to move in the month. We visited Cathy and Zeus the first week and a half and saw incredible improvement. Picking him up at the end of the 3 weeks was such a high. We were proud he was great with sit, down, heel, stay and manners were incredibly improved (jumping, mouthing -he no longer did the puppy biting while my 4 year old ran alongside him). What was important is she also taught US. He obeyed & listed to her rules but we needed to show him those were our rules in our home too. We’ve been able to keep up her training now that he is 7 months. Sure we have a couple jumps now and then. And now that he can stretch to 6 feet, we are teaching him to not sneak food off the countertop…But Cathy gave us one exceptional pup back and the tools to deal with that.

We would choose Cathy all over again and thankful to have found her. Highly recommended!