Boarding with Training


We do the work—all you have to do is enjoy the results.

Do you wish for a well-trained dog, but work long hours or have too many family commitments?  Between work, family, home, and hobbies, few people have the time to train their dogs. And yet all dogs need training to learn how we humans would like them to behave.

Pet Etiquette’s Board and Train School for Dogs is an excellent choice for people who don’t have the time, interest or ability to train their pet. Better than doggy boot camps, it’s the “cadillac” of dog training programs because it’s done by a professional trainer, correctly from the start.

How It Works

Separation anxiety is real, and making the decision to send your dog away for training can be as difficult for you as it is for your dog.  I love dogs just as much as you do and I know how important your dog is to you, so I offer as “close to home” experience as much as possible.  Unlike other board and train programs or boot camps, I don’t have rows and rows of kennels–your dog is trained in the environment it must perform…a loving home. I bring dogs right into my home to make certain they learn important lessons in natural settings. Your dog will be under the supervision of a trainer so good behaviors can be reinforced and unwanted behaviors can be corrected.

I n addition to training, your dog will enjoy interactive play times and/or walks.   There are play groups for the social dog in my spacious, shady. fully fenced yard.  Your dog will have me for company for several hours each day, and of course, through the night.

Comprehensive 4 Phase Dog Training

basic obedience commands   —  social training  —  problem behaviors — play training

Every Charm School dog begins by learning basic obedience commands. Then we take it “on the road.” We take dogs in the car, through drive-through windows, into shops and cafes that accept dogs, to dog training clubs, and to the park in order to provide critical social training where they learn how to interact around the distractions of other people and dogs.

Every owner and every dog is different and training is adapted to suit your needs and your dog’s needs. Problem behaviors will be addressed alongside the obedience training.

This program is effective because I am able to teach the dog how to live in a home and act appropriately. Living in my house is meant to be as close to living in your home as possible. It doesn’t make sense to send a family pet to a boarding kennel for training. He needs to learn how to behave in normal, every day situations and that’s exactly how I will train him.

Charm School Graduates are eligible to take the Canine Good Citizen Test at no charge.

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