Why Can’t You Quote A Price Over The Phone?

The hiring of a professional dog trainer is too big of a commitment to make just on the basis of a web page or phone call. 


The wrong trainer can make behavior problems worse or even traumatize a sensitive dog.

While other dog trainers are trying to sell you a 6-week course over the phone, please understand that in order to give you and your furry friend the best possible training – we need to meet face to face in order to devise a training plan and quote you a price for training

Unlike other fields, professional dog training is not about having systems, outlines or processes. It’s not a “cookie cutter” training course–one size does not fit all! Your pets are not machines or numbers; they are unique, living, feeling beings. Every dog is different, therefore every dog learns differently.

Every training program is custom tailored to your specific situation and varies considerably from dog to dog. Programs differ both in the structure and layout, as well as the number of sessions and cost.

In order to give you a fair quote on training costs, Family Dog Training offers a free temperament test and evaluation in the privacy of your home.

Although this is not a training session, it’s important that I meet with your family as well as your dog so as to gain insight into the unique circumstances that affect your dog’s training.  I will assess your dog on age, breed, personality, temperament, prior training, and a number of other factors, as well as identify behavior problems early, when they are easier to prevent.

And it’s an opportunity for you to get to know me and discuss your goals and needs in regards to your dog’s behavior, ask questions and decide if Family Dog Training is a good fit for you.

Keep in mind, that anyone who says that they can train your dog, should be willing and able to show you how their training works with your dog.

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