Private Training In Your Home

Training In Your Home

What Happened? Your cute, fluffy puppy has turned into a wild-eyed monster, running off at every opportunity, deaf to your commands, pulling on the leash and chewing up your house?!.

Adolescence may be a challenging time for both owners and dogs, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a disaster. Despite all the changes that are occurring, with a few sensible steps and a big helping of patience, you will find that it is a temporary stage. Family Dog Training  gives you the tools to turn your rowdy companion into a well mannered friend.

Whether you’re on the starting blocks, or just want to start over, this program is packed with personal instruction, videos, downloads, and tools to help you turn your dream dog into a realityI

There are two ends of the leash and training the dog is only part of what we do.  The other, more important part is teaching owners how to effectively communicate clear rules and expectations in a way the dog can understand.  The goal is to create a happy environment where it is easier for you to verbally control and get good behavior from your pet

During the privates session, you will learn how to train and modify your dog’s behavior.  Sessions include a combination of educational information, observation, and assessment of your dog, discussion of animal behavior, behavior modification and training techniques as well as direct, hands-on practice opportunities.  You will need to practice daily between sessions in order to make progress.  Feel free to ask questions by phone/email/text.  Sessions take place in your home or a place of your choosing and generally last about 60 minutes.  The entire family is encouraged to participate.

Some problems can be solved in a single session, but experience has shown that it takes about 6 weekly meeting to gain results that satisfy most clients, which nicely agrees with behavioral conditioning principles for dogs.

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