Puppy Socialization


Socialization means more than just letting your puppy meet people and other dogs. It means introducing your puppy to new sights, smells, sounds, and experiences each and every day BEFORE your puppy is 20 weeks old. It is a crucial step to raising a dog and one that should not be skipped!

Let your puppy explore new textures, floorings, and environments whenever possible!   Try stone, tile, carpeting, wood chips, hardwood floors, stairs, or a sand box.

Although it’s a good idea to keep your puppy off of the kitchen table and chairs, a sturdy piece of outdoor furniture can be a new and interesting object for your puppy to explore.

Invite a dog of similar size and personality to play in your yard. Avoid the dog park for now. There may be dogs with poor social skills or play styles that are  that are too rough for a young puppy.

Now is the best time to start training your puppy. Dogs need routine and rules to follow to grow up right. Dogs should learn good manners and some obedience while they are puppies. Teaching is always easier while they’re young.

Ask your veterinarian what vaccinations your puppy needs before going to the dog park.

Sitting in your front yard will expose your puppy to many new sights and sounds with little effort. When you’re pressed for time, just go sit outside with your puppy for a few minutes.

Take the time to teach your puppy to enjoy being handled.   When he grows up, he will be easy to groom.