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Effective Communication is Key

There are two ends of the leash and training the dog is only part of what we do. The other, more important part is teaching owners how to effectively communicate clear rules and expectations in a way the dog can understand. The goal is to create a happy environment where it is easier for you to verbally control and get good behavior from your pet

Each program is custom designed for you. We’ll talk with you about your schedule, you family composition, your goals and objectives, and then come up with a plan to meet your needs. Since we’re working with you one on one, we don’t have to do the same old thing with everyone!

Making Training Easy

Starting in a familiar, low-distraction environment (your home) makes it easier for you and your dog to acquire the skills in the beginning, and makes it easier to take it out “on the road” later on! Lessons generally last 60 to 90 minutes and the whole family is encouraged to participate to keep training consistent. Children under 18 must have a parent present.

During the privates sessions, you will learn how to train and modify your dog’s behavior. Sessions include a combination of educational information, observation, and assessment of your dog, discussion of animal behavior, behavior modification and training techniques as well as direct, hands-on practice opportunities.

Practice Makes Perfect

Our In Home Training approach is different from Charm School because we don’t train the dog; you train the dog. I come to your house once a week, and we work together on one or two behaviors. Once your dog is performing correctly and you understand how get your dog to perform, it’s up to you to practice during the week. That way that even if you move, or if you travel… anywhere you go, the dog’s going to listen to you. Rather than, “Great– why does he listen to the trainer, but he doesn’t listen to me?”

Then I come back the next week, we review what your dog knows, and work on more behaviors.

But you have to commit to practicing with your dog every day. If you don’t practice with your dog, you won’t get the results..

Dog Training vs. Trick Training

Practice doesn’t have to mean tiring drills. Knowing how to easily incorporate your dog’s new skills into your daily routine is a key part of dog training and separates it from trick training.

While we use rewards in training, dog obedience training is not about teaching the dog to do tricks and feeding Fido lots of treats. It’s about living with a well-mannered dog that you enjoy taking along wherever you go – coffee at the cafe and off leash at the beach. It’s about having a calm dog that watches for instructions, settles down on cue, walks politely on leash, waits at doors, and comes when called.

Some problems can be solved in a single session, but experience has shown that it takes 6 to 10 weekly meeting to get results that satisfy most people, which nicely agrees with behavioral conditioning principals for dogs

Ready to see some amazing changes in your furry friend? Look no further than 🏠🐕 Our in-home training is the secret sauce to transform your dog’s behavior!  Book your free in home temperament test and evaluation.