Puppy Program

Puppy Training

When should you start training your puppy?  The short answer to this is the moment he comes home.  The truth is that puppies are learning all the time, whether or not we are purposefully teaching them.  Everything you do—and don’t do—is an “A-ha” moment for your puppy — they are learning, for better or worse, every second of every day.  You just want him, or her, learning the right things.

Many training and behavior problems are created the first week the pup is at home. Time is of the essence for owners to provide a huge heaping of high quality socialization and schooling.  This is the key to creating a socially self-confident, well behaved puppy that is strongly bonded to you.  It is also the key to preventing yappy, shy, and/or aggressive behaviors from developing later in life!

If your dog is older, don’t delay and risk him having continue to practice inappropriate behavior.  Now is never too soon and it’s never too late.

During a puppy’s critical first 5 months we can:

  • Teach obedience and manners quickly and easily
  • Stop bad habits before they start
  • Prevent serious problems like aggression, fear, and home alone problems (separation anxiety)
  • Easily instill manners that will last a lifetime. It’s never too early to start training. Puppies as young as 8 weeks can start class, and they learn quickly. You’ll be amazed to see your puppy working obediently off leash by the third or fourth week.

Puppy training covers:

  • House Training, Crate Training, and Training Games
  • Solving problems like jumping, play biting, destructive chewing, barking, and pulling on leash
  • Puppies will be introduced to basic manners and obedience commands:   Sit, Come, Stay, Attention, Leash Walking, & Leave It
  • Handling and Gentling: Catch, Cuddle, Exam and Restrain your Puppy, Veterinary and Groomer Handling Routines, Frustration Tolerance,
  • Training methods so easy and gentle that even young kids can do it
  • How dogs think and learn

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