Puppy Training

If Only Puppies Came With A How-To-Manual

As a puppy owner I am sure some days are absolutely amazing, while other days you might question every decision you’ve ever made. Whew, it’s exhausting.

Know this –– you’re not alone. Puppies require a lot of work . . .and patience . . . and consistency . . . and energy. I can take that load off for you!

Family Dog Training’s Puppy Training Programs will give you a puppy that . . .

  • will respond to you reliably
  • is enjoyable for everyone in the family
  • knows obedience and manners around others
  • doesn’t chew your slippers
  • stops biting hands and feet
  • goes potty where it is appropriate
  • has a great start with proper socialization
  • can be left alone, quietly and relax so you can do the same

Let Me Tackle Puppyhood For You

Charm School

Puppies are very challenging, I’ll take off the load! My Elite Board-n-Train Program is a practical, stress-free program where the work is done for you.

Your puppy will live in my home for 3 weeks. In the end your puppy will go home having learned valuable manners, obedience, start to good socialization, & proper potty training habits.

When Should Puppy Training Start?

Let’s Tackle Puppyhood Together

My In-Home Lessons Program is a great opportunity for you & puppy to learn how to train your pup, privately in your home.

Family Dog Training will help you teach your puppy polite manners, obedience & potty training, weekly in your very own home. I will coach you, guide you & teach you how to do this puppy thing with less stress & more success!

The Best Of Both

Our new hybrid program is one week board and train followed by 4 in home lessons. I will do the heavy lifting and crate train your pup, introduce basic obedience and manners and show you how to get the same great results.