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Congratulations on your new dog!

Puppies are sooo exciting and sooo much fun! But puppies are a lot of work. They need a great deal of training and socialization if you want them to grow into friendly, well-behaved adult dogs. 

It can be a little bit overwhelming.  Where will s/he sleep?  How do I teach them where to potty?  What do I do if my puppy makes a mistake?  Should I use a crate?  When should I start training? How can I get my puppy to stop chewing on everything?  Should I take my puppy to the dog park?  What is the best way to socialize my puppy?….the list of questions is endless. 

Your pet’s behavior and temperament now depends completely on your care, appropriate socialization and training. Success or failure is in your hands.

When Should You Start Training Your Puppy?

The short answer to this is the moment he comes home.  Puppies are learning all the time, whether or not we are purposefully teaching them.  Everything you do—and don’t do—is an “A-ha” moment for your puppy — they are learning, for better or worse, every second of every day.  You just want him, or her, learning the right things.

Many training and behavior problems are created the first week the pup is at home. Time is of the essence for owners to provide a huge heaping of high quality socialization and schooling.  This is the key to creating a socially self-confident, well behaved puppy that is strongly bonded to you.  It is also the key to preventing yappy, shy, and/or aggressive behaviors from developing later in life!

If your dog is older, don’t delay and risk him continuing to practice inappropriate behavior. Now is never too soon and it’s never too late.


Family Dog Training will…
  • Answer all your questions
  • Help with all puppy essentials, from potty training and manners to beginning obedience
  • Stop bad habits before they start
  • Prevent serious problems like fear, aggression, and home alone problems
  • Calm the unruly adolescent dog

And You Get…
  • Convenient service in your home or our even easier board and train program
  • A customized puppy training program tailored to your needs
  • The personal, one-on-one attention of a friendly professional, certified dog trainer
The Results???

A well-behaved, well-adjusted puppy that is a joy to be around!



Choose convenient training in your home or even our even easier board & train


Cathy has worked miracles for us and our dog.  Velki was terrified of everything, sounds, movements, cars, shadows, even going for a walk.  After working with Cathy for a few weeks, Velki is a new dog.  She is happy, trusting, and a joy to be around.  We couldn’t have found a better trainer.  We are so happy we chose Cathy and highly  recommend her. –Elle & Dave Rockwell 


. Call Cathy at 772-284-9011 for your FREE Temperament Test & Evaluation! (A $99 Value)