Babysitter Rules

  • The baby (and other children) are never left alone with the dog even for a second.
  • In order to gain compliance from the dog the babysitter should use treats rather than force.
  • Dog should not be bothered when eating, sleeping, chewing on something or in his special place.
  • Children may not interact with the dog when the parents are not home.
  • The babysitter has the right to refuse to look after the dog and to ask that the dog be confined or taken with the owners.
  • If you are outside with the children, never allow them to interact with any dog, even if they know the dog, or the owner says it is OK.
  • If you are outside with the children and see a loose dog in the distance, take the children back indoors, or leave the area in a calm manner.
  • If a loose dog approaches, instruct the children to Be a Tree. That is stand still, fold their branches (hands folded in front) and watch their roots grow (look at their feet). The babysitter should be a tree as well. Stay still until the dog goes away or help comes. If the dog returns, resume being trees.
from Doggone Safe