What About Group Dog Training Classes

Group dog training classes are OK for getting some of the basics down, but for real training that meets your needs and your dog’s needs, one-on-one time is needed. And that’s what Family Dog Training offers

Successful dog training depends on attention.  If a dog is distracted from his owner while training, his progress is slow.

Not all dogs do well in group sessions, much less get through them without feeling anxious or over stimulated by the fun new people, dogs and smells around.  Your pet may not do well in group class if he is too distracted in groups and unable to focus, is aggressive toward other dogs and/or people, has a shy owner who is not comfortable asking questions or requesting help in a group setting.

Plus, group classes focus on mainly teaching commands and do little to help owners fix behavior problems such as anxiety. aggression, barking, jumping, lunging, running out the door and biting.

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