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Cathy is amazing!  On her meet and greet visit, she actually taught our puppy a few commands,  then gave me homework for the week to practice those commands.  That, in itself, was like a free session.  I hired Cathy to come out 3 times (money is tight with COVID) and my puppy and my family learned so much on those visits!  Individual attention makes such a difference versus a group class.  She asked me what my concerns were, what areas I wanted to concentrate on, and we met and exceeded my goals.  I plan to have Cathy come back to work on any new issues that may crop up as my puppy grows up.  I called her many times and she not only answered my questions, but was more than gracious with her time.

Thank you Cathy for your help and for teaching us so much!




We are very pleased with the training results Cathy at Family Dog Training provided for our 4 1/2 month Cavapoo. She was quite the handful – jumping on everyone, in need of house manners as well as needing training to walk with a leash. Well, our Gracie spent three weeks with Cathy in her home. We got to visit each week and witness her progress grow. After Cathy’s training we now have a changed puppy that understands commands. Cathy gave us homework which will reinforce the foundation she and Gracie have built. Puppies require training consistency and because of Cathy’s work Gracie will grow up to be a wonderful well behaved family pet. Also she has pledged to be available for follow ups as necessary. Thank you Cathy!



Our family is thrilled with the results of Family Dog Training and it is the best investment we have ever made.  We have used their training with three disparate dogs and boarded them many times with Cathy. She has never disappointed us with the care, handling and training of our pets and we have had some sketchy, knarly, beauties.
1) Velki was fearful and and abused. Cathy illustrated how we could help her and gain trust and confidence in humans.

2) Jack we could not take for a walk without risking life and limb.

3) Venus did everything a naughty, bad, hopeless dog could ever think of doing.

We have always been thrilled with results of Family Dog Training.  You could not pick a kinder more competent person to help you and your dog.


We have a super energetic young German shepherd named Lulu. We reached out to Cathy and used her professional services to help us train our fur baby. She is very good at what she does and we are more than happy to have met her. It’s funny to watch our Sheppard change her act when we simply say ohh look is that Cathy :). I think Cathy have made a positive change in all our behaviors and that resulted in us being able to enjoy our fur baby in public. I can tell that Lulu is now more relaxed, calm around distractions. She listens better. We understand that this is an ongoing training and we see the results little by little everyday. We plan on continuing our training for some time and reach back out to Cathy to perhaps get more advance training. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her and to give my highest referring for anyone who is out there in search of a A+ trainer.


My name is Lynn. I recently brought an 8 week old Vizsla home, from a breeder.  I couldn’t have known that she was a biter and very strong-willed.  I was having rotator cuff surgery and knew that I wouldn’t be able to manage with this unruly dog. Her name is Phoebe.  I was lucky enough to find KATHY at FAMILY DOG TRAINING to train her.

One of the great assets of having Phoebe at Kathy’s house, was going to visit her once a week. I got to see Kathy’s hands-on training and Phoebe’s progress. Each week I saw her become more affectionate and take commands.

Phoebe was a tough dog to train because she has so much energy.  It was imperative that she listened and took direction on her walks and commands. At some point I had to bring her back to Kathy for more training. Of course Kathy never dropped the ball… She kept Phoebe and worked with her. I went to visit her every week and saw great improvement each time. I just got Phoebe back and now we are using an ecollar. Phoebe is a different dog. She wants to please. She wants discipline. 
Kathy has been wonderful….she just kept offering solutions. She worked with me here at the house. She gave my husband and I lessons on how to walk her and give her commands. She even gave us her own training gear. I would highly recommend Kathy for training your dog!  One of the things that I really liked about Kathy is that she is “all in.” This isn’t a part-time job, this is her life. She has years of knowledge about their behavior and how to get positive results!  I would highly recommend FAMILY DOG TRAINING!

We were so happy to meet Catherine because our recent adopted rescue Milo was in need of training as were we his skin parents. Catherine gave us the tools necessary to help our boy to be his best. The best thing about Family Dog Training is that Catherine guarantees her training. We all lucked out when I called Family Dog Training.


Cathy has been an excellent trainer for our dog and for us! She knows how a dog thinks and is able to help us understand how to communicate with our pet. We’ve been very pleased with the results of her training.


Cathy,  we want to thank you for training us and our two four-legged daughters Chloe and Hanna. You’ve taken our puppies and turned them into the best dogs ever! I was worried if they could be trained at 3 months. But, I watched as they went from little energizer bunnies into responsive and well mannered little energizer bunnies!

The real test was this past holiday, when we we entertained 14 people at our house for Christmas dinner. As the first guests arrived we started to get nervous, but then, we remembered our training as well as theirs, and with a few simple commands everyone was impressed and I was relieved. There was no jumping, no begging and complete control. We served dinner and ate, while Chloe and Hanna laid quietly in the living room. In just six weeks, you’ve allowed us to have the control we need to be able to take them with us anywhere, and you did this while making it fun for them (and us) to learn.  Thank you so much!!


Great experience! Cathy is great with both the dogs and us, it’s amazing to see the transformation in our pups!!!!


We just did an orientation with Cathy today and she gave us some great pointers to use with our pup who struggles with separation anxiety. She was very calm and knowledgeable and we could tell she had a lot of experience.


Cathy is straight forward and honest. She was willing to give me advice and strategies right over the phone. I appreciate that she cared more about helping me than selling me something.


Mr. Chips listens a lot and he’s doing really, really well. You know, I see where it take a lot of patience but it’s been delightful. I took a picture of the the diploma and mailed it to everybody I know and I think he’s at the top of his class. We’re leaving next week, first to New York and then to New Jersey so he has two transitions to deal with so it should be interesting. Thank you for your time, your patience and attention. I would really have been a mess if I hadn’t met you. I hope you have a great summer and thanks again.


Very honest and forthcoming, rare in this day and age!!!


When I first saw Cathy, my trainer, I knew she would love me. She helped me to understand what my Mommy and Daddy were trying to say and get me to do. WOW what a difference she has made. I love my trainer and will miss seeing her each week. Big Dog slime kisses to Cathy……….Stella


Our 17 month old German Shepherd was out of control. He jumped on people, pulled like crazy on his leash, and would ignore any commands we gave him. After spending a month with Cathy he is now very well behaved. Cathy is a wonderful trainer and we highly recommend her.


Cathy was a wealth of information. Our rescue dog Libby had immediate connection with Cathy. We soon came to realize that we needed the training more than the dog. Cathy taught us how to confidently give commands and be leaders of our new pack. 


We have a year old German Shepherd who recently started barking at people more and more. He also constantly pulled on the leash. Cathy was very knowledgeable and showed us so many ways to train him. She wasn’t scared off by Uhtred barking at her almost every week we met, and she taught us that he wasn’t barking out of aggression, it was more fear. After 6 weeks, he is awesome on his leash and isn’t barking at people in public. Highly recommend and totally worth the price.


I called for information and she spent time answering all my questions on the phone about my new puppy. I will definitely call back and use her services.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Cathy is amazing! On her meet and greet visit, she actually taught our puppy a few commands, then gave me homework for the week to practice those commands. That, in itself, was like a free session. I hired Cathy to come out 3 times (money is tight with COVID) and my puppy and my family learned so much on those visits! Individual attention makes such a difference versus a group class. She asked me what my concerns were, what areas I wanted to concentrate on, and we met and exceeded my goals. I plan to have Cathy come back to work on any new issues that may crop up as my puppy grows up. I called her many times and she not only answered my questions, but was more than gracious with her time.  Thank you Cathy for your help and for teaching us so much!


Both my husband have had many dogs between us and I’ve been successful training my past pups. Enter Zeus, our latest Doberman addition to the family. We brought Zeus home at 2 months old and he was and is a love. However, from effective potty training to manners (jumping, puppy nipping/mouthing my 4 year old while running around with her, bulldozing over) my training just was not working after nearly 2 months. My husband and I have had Dobermans and knew their reputation (and loving demeanor) but Zeus was quite the challenge!

Our vet referred us to Cathy. When I called Cathy, I remember saying to her “Zeus is either stubborn or was dropped on his head a few times before we got him”… Listen I love dogs and Zeus but I was frazzled. Also, it has to be the dog, it’s never the owner, right LOL.

Prior to committing, Cathy offered to come by first to meet us, evaluate Zeus’s crate, what we were doing, etc. At first, I thought she was “too soft” on him & thought one needed be more commanding as Alpha. However, just one technique she showed me with the crate by the time she left, showed me how effective she could be in a short time. Especially as it was the only time my 4 month old pup locked eyes on me for permission without a treat!

We planned 6 sessions and within a week changed that to 3 week “boot camp” where he stayed with Cathy. Primarily as my husband had a job offer and we needed to move in the month. We visited Cathy and Zeus the first week and a half and saw incredible improvement. Picking him up at the end of the 3 weeks was such a high. We were proud he was great with sit, down, heel, stay and manners were incredibly improved (jumping, mouthing -he no longer did the puppy biting while my 4 year old ran alongside him). What was important is she also taught US. He obeyed & listed to her rules but we needed to show him those were our rules in our home too. We’ve been able to keep up her training now that he is 7 months. Sure we have a couple jumps now and then. And now that he can stretch to 6 feet, we are teaching him to not sneak food off the countertop…But Cathy gave us one exceptional pup back and the tools to deal with that.

We would choose Cathy all over again and thankful to have found her. Highly recommended!


Thank you so much for all your help and recommendations. I appreciate you calling me back so quickly. You are greatly appreciated.


We have a year old puppy and a 11 year old Doberman that were being aggressive with each other. Her tips and advice gave us a hundred percent turn around in a few days. Thank you!!!


Cathy is a professional and loving dog trainer. She worked with our Family and our German Shepherd puppy. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and not only trained our dog, but us as well so we could all be successful! She came to our home on a weekly basis, with a few breaks in between so we could solidify our learning. Our Rocky graduated today with his basic obedience certificate and is now an AKC STAR PUPPY!  Thank you for all your advice and experience!  We can’t say enough about your service!


Cathy has helped us with several of our dogs; resulting in well-behaved pups, with good manners that can travel with us wherever we go. We highly recommend Cathy for her knowledge & experience. Excellent trainer!


Love training with Cathy. Makes learning easy and fun. Definitely would recommend anyone to have her train your dog! Thank you!


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