What We Do

What We Do

While commands are important for dogs to know, they may not be helpful to you in the long run. What is important, is how your dog behaves. No one ever took their dog to the shelter because the dog didn’t know how to “sit.” But millions of dogs are surrendered for biting the hand that feeds them, chewing the furniture, barking, soiling in the house…..

If you asked a hundred dog owners “does your dog know how to sit?” most of them would say, “yes.” Almost every dog would sit if they were alone in the kitchen and the owner held up a treat, but how many dogs would sit when the doorbell rings?

The right question isn’t does your dog “know” the sit signal, it’s how reliable is his response around distractions.

The purpose of dog training is not just about obedience commands, but correcting behavior issues, things like barking, lunging, jumping, and unruliness. I understand the way dogs think and why they behave the way they do. So behavior problems can be solved at their root cause.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest differences in dog behavior. Getting to the heart of a matter, making simple changes, and everyone–humans and dog–are able to live happily and peacefully. As a dog trainer and behavior consultant, it’s very gratifying and makes this job worthwhile.