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Who We Are

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My name is Cathy Daugaard, and I train Family Dogs under the name Family Dog Training. Family Dog Training was established in 2007 but I was training and competing long before that.

It was 1989 when the nice neighbors across the street moved and their house and became a rental property occupied by a succession drug dealers, wife abusers, thieves, and leather clad motorcyclists. I felt the need to have some sort of protection at the house, and having a dislike of guns, decided to get our German Shepherd, Madchen, protection trained, and discovered the world of professional dog training

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Cathy Daugaard

Cathy Daugaard

30+ years experience


9 years experience

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Cathy has been an excellent trainer for our dog and for us! She knows how a dog thinks and is able to help us understand how to communicate with our pet. We’ve been very pleased with the results of her training.

Sharon Beauchamp

Great experience! Cathy is great with both the dogs and us, it’s amazing to see the transformation in our pups!!!!


Chris Ludwig