02 Sep

Reasons for Handfeeding

There is a lot going on when a dog eats. Eating, to a dog, is a lot more than just taking in food to satisfy hunger. Eating is also an extremely social event, meaning that there’s a lot of hidden cues your dog is picking up on that you might not be thinking about.
  • It is the fastest way to train. We need to use all our motivators to our advantage. That means using every morsel of food as a reward, rather than wasting it by giving it to him for free.
  • It makes you a very valuable person in your dog’s eyes. We pet our dog when he wants to be petted, we let him out, when he wants to go out, we feed him when he wants to eat…is it any wonder they come to think of us as staff? Hand feeding helps to establish a healthy pet-owner relationship.
  • Giving kibble for rewards keeps your pet from eating too much junk food and from developing a picky appetite.
  • By using his food for rewards, you’ll practice more and he’ll learn faster. So if you know that Fido needs to eat 40 pieces of kibble each day, that means through out the day you practice 40 sits. And Fido will be Sitting Superstar in no time.
  • It teaches your dog impulse control, he has to wait for each bite until you release it, He can’t just grab it or eat whenever he wants.
  • It helps with a shy of fearful dog. It helps the dog trust you more and shows them people can be nice. And if you feed throughout the day, reduces anxiety about when and if he will eat.
  • It stops food guarding. It helps the dog trust you and not worry you are going to take the food away and they learn they will always get food from you and not starve.
  • Hand feeding teaches puppies not to bite the hand. It teaches them to take the food nicely, and not bite the hand
  • Slows down a dog that gulps its food
  • Builds an intense bond between the owner and dog. Since he has to look to you for food, he will rely on you for everything
  • You avoid overfeeding the dog. The dog will not get overweight, which is bad for dogs, and especially growing puppies.
  • Since you are the one deciding when and how much he eats, he learns that you are in charge and more willing to obey you
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