If Your Dog Has A Behavior Problem, You’ve Come To The Right Place!

  • Are you tired of your dog dragging you down the street on your daily walks
  • Does he ignore you when you call?
  • Does he jump up on your guests and make a general nuisance of himself?
  • Do you wish your dog was a happy, relaxed and well-behaved companion, just the way you’ve always wanted him to be?
  • Have you signed up for group classes only to be frustrated and disappointed with the lack of results?
  • Seen the TV programs, read the books? But the dog still doesn’t listen?
  • Could you use the help of your own friendly, certified dog trainer?  

Message from Cathy

Who We Are

Whether you’re wrangling a new puppy, an unruly adolescent, or learning that you can teach an old dog new tricks, our affordable, private dog obedience training programs are for you.

Family Dog Training brings affordable family dog obedience training and behavior consulting services right to your home. Our training methods are rewards based and humane–simple to learn and use, and fit easily into family life.

I have a very high success rate in helping Treasure Coast dog owners with advanced problem behaviors such as aggression and anxiety. Fearful, aggressive dogs become more relaxed and pushy dogs learn that the life is far more enjoyable when they cooperate with their owners.

And I am equally successful with dogs that fall anywhere between those two extremes.

What We Do

While commands are important for dogs to know, they may not be helpful to you in the long run. What is important, is how your dog behaves. No one ever took their dog to the shelter because the dog didn’t know how to “sit.” But millions of dogs are surrendered for biting the hand that feeds them, chewing the furniture, barking, soiling in the house…..

If you asked a hundred dog owners “does your dog know how to sit?” most of them would say, “yes.” Almost every dog would sit if they were alone in the kitchen and the owner held up a treat, but how many dogs would sit when the doorbell rings?

The right question isn’t does your dog “know” the sit signal, it’s how reliable is his response around distractions.

The purpose of dog training is not just about obedience commands, but correcting behavior issues, things like barking, lunging, jumping, and unruliness. I understand the way dogs think and why they behave the way they do. So behavior problems can be solved at their root cause.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest differences in dog behavior. Getting to the heart of a matter, making simple changes, and everyone–humans and dog–are able to live happily and peacefully. As a dog trainer and behavior consultant, it’s very gratifying and makes this job worthwhile.

The Team

My name is Cathy Daugaard, I am the owner and trainer for Family Dog Training.

I truly love dogs and want the best for them and their owners. Your pet is precious to you and I appreciate your trust by allowing me to train your dog. I will do whatever it takes, within the confines of the class setting, to help your dog become an ideal companion and I will never knowingly disappoint you.

  • Licensed & Insured – 30+ Years Experience
  • Certified Nat’l Asso. of Dog Obedience Instructors
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen & Puppy S.T.A.R. Evaluators

Hi, I am Nauti!  No, not naughty, I am a very good girl–Nauti is short for my registered name:  Nautilus.

I am a 6 year old German Shepherd Dog from European working lines.  My coloring is called sable, and is a typical color for a working German Shepherd.  I am trained and titled in IGP (aka schutzhund) and AKC obedience and its really fun when I win!

These days I am mostly retired and help Cathy train other dogs by demonstrating certain techniques, socializing puppies, and serving as a distraction for dog(s) in training.

Getting Started

A better behaved dog starts with a simple phone call to Cathy at 772-284-9011 to set up a temperament test and evaluation. We will do this at your home because I like to see the dog in its regular environment.  Most problems begin in the home and that’s the best place to fix them.
  • First, we’ll give your dog a temperament test.  This way, we can get inside the dog’s head and figure out what’s going on and exactly what the best approach is for your  dog.
  • And second–we’ll have you do some easy handling exercises so that we can see what the current relationship is like between you and your dog.
  • Choose between our easy and convenient in home lessons or the even easier boarding with training option.

Then  I’ll be able to give you both an accurate price quote as well as a time estimate.